Preserve your precious moments and distribute them
in a Social Network environment at the same time!
Here are the services we offer (click on the service for samples and details):

  • Photos are royalty free so you can use them and print them as much as you want
  • Photos are sent to you on memory key instead of the bulky CD
  • Photos are available on the following day on Social Network
  • Videos are royalty free so you can use them as much as you want
  • Raw video is available for those who want to edit your own DVDs
  • Edited video on DVD are available for a beautiful preserved moment
  • Videos are also available on memory key
  • Summary video are available on the following day on Social Network
  • Broadcast yourself over the Internet
  • Users worldwide can see your event with standard browser
  • Your friends and relatives from distant areas or foreign countries to also participate in your event
  • Create eye catching slideshow for any occasion
  • Slideshow are available on DVD or on memory key
  • Slideshow are also available on Social Network
  • Advertise yourself or your product to the world
  • Setup a point of presence on the Internet
  • No setup or development fees avoiding the high upfront costs
  • Low monthly maintenance payment includes development and updates
  • Add text and graphics to your images to tell a much more powerful message
  • Collect newsletter to create a book of your history
  • Publication available to download in PDF format
  • Newsletter also available on Social Network
  • Bring back those important moments of your past
  • Restore photos that are scratched, molded or torn
  • Photos available for download
  • Photos available on social network
  • Convert your photos or video to a format that makes it easier to distribute and store
  • Photos and videos are made available in memory key
  • Photos available on social network
  • Conversion of paper photos to JPG files
  • Conversion of video tapes to MPEG files or DVD
  • Go beyond the simple photo and video
  • Convert them to eye catching graphics
  • Remove imperfections
  • Add color, messages, graphics to create an amazing arts
  • Photos and video are available for download
  • Photos and summary video are available on social network

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MultiMediaMoments Services

On social events such as a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday party, a concert, a game, a show,
we want you to enjoy the moment and let us take care of preserving that moment for others to
enjoy. We provide a full set of services that will enable you not only to save that moments but also
to make it available to a broad range of publication options simultaneously.

All services we offer are totally integrated with the social network environment so you can benefit
not only from the normal media used to preserve your precious moments (paper print, CD, DVD)
but you can also show it to your friends simultaneously with our integration to Internet services such
as Facebook, Google+, Youtube and Tweeter.

The photos we took of your event will be available at Facebook or Google+ on the next day. A
summary video of your event, taken from the video we recorded, will be available on Youtube also
on the next day, broadcast yourself to the world so your friends and relatives on other States or
abroad can see you while the event is still happening. Join the reach of social network to the
different ways we can preserve your moments and you will have full support to guarantee not only
coverage but also distribution.

We cover the Eastern North Carolina and South Carolina areas, including Wilmington, Wrightsville
Beach and Myrtle Beach.
Contact us for coverage in other areas.

MultiMediaMoments was awarded at the Cape Fear Fair &Expo
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Pilipinas Entrepreneur Program

(Awards were given to our
photographer Ricardo Haragutchi)