When we moved to the United States, we thought we would
loose contact with our families and adoptive families in our
place of origin.

We are happy to say that today, we know you all much
more than if we have stayed there. One of the main
reasons for this is the International Family Exchange
Program (IFEP) which we are re-announcing today.

This program was inspired by some of our relatives in the
United States:
  • George Kawaguchi from Seattle received Toyoaki
    Takatsu from Brazil for years
  • The Matsumoto Family from Seattle received Fabiana
    Takatsu from Brazil for over a year
  • Gary Kawaguchi from San Francisco received Joice
    Kajimoto from Brazil for several months
Re-announcing the International Family Exchange Program (IFEP)
Top row: George Kawaguchi, the George Kawaguchi Family, Gary Kawaguchi, the Roy Kawaguchi Family, the
Shimizu family
Bottom row: The Matsumoto Family, The Onishi Family, the Kyono Family

In addition, the Kawaguchi, Matsumoto, Onishi and Kyono Families above received me in Seattle and Honolulu
30 years ago which changed my life.

Throughout the years, we continued their legacy, trying to keep a close relation with our family and adoptive
families. We tried to keep an online family tree, we helped receiving long term relatives with specific objectives
such as education, English classes, cultural exchange:
  • Adriana Kinoshita from Brasilia, Brazil, stayed with us for a year
  • Mariana Igawa from Sao Paulo, Brazil, stayed with us for some months
  • Decio Haramura from Fortaleza, Brazil, stayed with us for some months
  • Tami Ikeizumi from Sao Paulo, Brazil, stayed with us for almost a year
  • Mayra Takatsu from Sao Paulo, Brazil stayed with us for some months
  • Mikhael Abe from Osasco, Brazil, stayed with us for several months

Below, from left to right: Adriana, Mariana, Decio, Tami, Mayra and Mikhael
As part of the International Family Exchange Program, we are also:

1) Keeping our family tree
Takatsu Family Tree is available for 20 years and shows our relationship up to 4 generations above us. It
is password protected so
contact me if you want to receive it. We also have just released the Hayashi Family
Tree and we plan to use the new format to update the other ones through the initiative of Linda Kawaguchi and
Kristine Martin
. We don't have all families and adoptive families here so, please, let us know if you want us to
help create yours by simply
contacting us.

2) Receiving short term visitors
Throughout the years, we also received family and adoptive family members for short term visits:
The list is long and the photos above show some of you who took the time to visit us. We want to invite all our
relatives from families and adoptive families to come and visit us to build more great moments.

Support to Family Reunions
In every opportunity we could, we tried to support any type of family reunion in every location. Between the
events, we have:
3) Your Normal Routine
As we said in the beginning, we want to be present in every moment possible. Please, never think you are
being a burden or annoying us. You are not! You are, in fact, helping us turn real a dream we had since we left
our native countries.
Contact us, if you need medical equipment, medication and vitamins, help in a family
event and even things we can bond on your normal routine. For example, we just created a Lottery Pool to try
to win the Powerball $1.5 billion dollar prize! We did not win, by the way, but it was really fun!

Contact us and let's continue to build great moments!